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The Gambit by Brad Carlson

  A Unanimous 5-Star Rating "This is dystopian chaos at its finest, but also a frightening vision of what a massive attack on America's infrastructure could look like. The military scenes and action sequences are breathlessly conveyed, aided by the genuine interest that readers will develop for the characters. There…

Book Trailer Maker – Best Book Trailers: Here’s a Terrific Strategy to Take Your Book Trailer to the Top of YouTube

book trailer maker   Get the word out! Think your new, glittering book trailer video will zoom to the Trending list in YouTube while you sit back and do nothing? Think again. Your book trailer -- yes, even those produced by 5-star production companies like BrilliantBookTrailers.com -- can't do anything without…

Book Trailer Production – Cinematic Book Trailers: Three New Hacks That Really Drive Book Sales

Book Trailer Production   If you’re thinking of producing a kick-butt book trailer to help draw readers, here are three good things to know: Key Hack No. 1: Spend a little money to get the most professional, compelling video trailer you can possibly afford. Best new source: http://brilliantbooktrailers.com/, where, for only…

The Tragic Flaw by dhtreichler

    It's sometime in the not-so-distant future and everyone in the world is being driven around in Googlecars. Everyone, that is, except world-famous actor Desmond Jenson. He's happily tooling around in a 2012 Tesla, oblivious to the laws that now prohibit non--automated cars on the roads of sunny Southern…
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Reverence by Joshua Landeros

Click the cover to visit the Amazon page Reviews "In a great story by debut author Joshua Aaron Landeros, Reverence: Volume One will grab readers from the very start and will keep them reading obsessively through until the very end." (Reader's Favorite) "Five stars to Reverence. Readers will come away…
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Permeable Divide by Ellen Rachlin

http://youtu.be/LMarqrgNScE Amazon Link "In her splendid fourth collection, poet Ellen Rachlin explores what she calls the "Permeable Divide"--the breach between the living and a loved one lost to death, the gap between confidence and hesitation, the gulf between banking and art, and perhaps most devastatingly, the chasm between freedom and…
Partager un lien sur Twitter Saving page now…http://twitter.com/intent/tweet?text=Moon%20Beam%20Official%20Book%20Trailer&url=http%3A%2F%2Fbrilliantbooktrailers.com%2Fmoon-beam-official-book-trailer%2FAs it appears live April 16, 2020 7:21:05 AM UTC

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